Shimizu Jewellery Care

General Jewellery Care

General care of your jewellery is very simple. We recommend removing your jewellery whenever you are involved with any sort of activity like sports or swimming. It is also a good habit to remove your pieces before applying creams or makeup, hairspray, or even perfume. Wait until you’re completely dry before placing your jewellery back on. Over time it is natural for skin and oils to gather in your jewellery. We recommend a simple and gentle cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Thoroughly dry your jewellery before putting them back on.

We recommend bringing jewellery with any gemstones in to a professional to have it’s settings checked for a preventative measure.

Things to avoid with your jewellery

  • Bleach or any other household cleaning agents

  • Chlorine – remove your jewellery before swimming

  • Cosmetics including perfume – remove before applying

  • Extreme heat

  • Abrasive surfaces

  • Ultrasonics – Some gemstones are susceptible to cracking in an ultrasonic, please check with a professional if your piece is ultrasonic safe.

  • Shock or collisions – Dropping your piece or hitting it on something happens, please bring it in for a quick jewellery check-up to your nearest jeweller.